Monday, May 26, 2008

Everything In Perspective

Everything in perspective
I guess the greatest sales trainer I have had the opportunity to learn from was Tom Hopkins .He has certain things that he feels are super important and in his seminars you are required to memorize them one such Idea is -”-I will do the most constructive thing possible at every given moment.” Now that is powerful but how could anyone possibly do that?
The most productive thing for you, would not necessarily be the most productive for me, in fact I would almost bet on it .being productive doesn’t necessarily mean knocking on doors or cold calling ,It can be some much needed rest and recuperation too. I know when the wolf is at the door it is almost a given you are going to working twice the hours, at a frantic pace whoa just a minute :the most constructive thing you may be needing to do, you could be overlooking. Remember your family; Could be a little chill time, could be in order, this summer. A weekend camping trip a couple days at a quiet bed and breakfast, Just enough to get your mind back on perspective and you back in the game .A little fresh air nice surroundings can help you realize what you’ve got, that is really special, can’t be duplicated, and you really wouldn’t want to miss out on. Then when you get back,; unleash the tiger
Dave Shriver.

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