Monday, May 26, 2008

The Principals Office

Back when I was in the first grade a girl named Vickie Woodworth kissed me while I was on a merry go round in the school yard . My life has never been the same ,ever since.
You see there was this other girl named Sue Ellen Arnold who really liked me . She saw Vickie kissing me and she just went crazy. She ran into the school and told the teacher Mrs. Humphries.Mrs Humphries, not really knowing how to handle a situation like this (after all she was just a first grade teacher ) These things weren’t suppose to become an issue until at least junior high, so they thought. Went straight to the principals office .
I can still remember that long walk up that long staircase,the fear the shame.The principal told me to never do it again, mentioned something about reform school, and no summer vacation, I do know I was scared and promised to never let it happen again.
Lucky for me the principal was transferred before my Third grade school year and apparently never recorded that trial proceedings as the principal we had for that year apparently knew nothing off it , or I would have been in big trouble when , This cute girl named Debbie Lock moved to our school.
Well actually her mom ended up being my teacher and looked like the wicked witch of the west on the Wizard of Oz.Mrs Lock really disliked me because I guess she thought I was too cute for my own good and her daughter really liked me, So she started using me as an example.Not a good example and not really a bad example ,just an example . I can still remember her hitting me on the head with a pencil shouting," I’m going to make an example out of you". So whatever "that" was.....I was definitely an example.
I am definitely an example today----For sure not because of ---but most likely in spite of--Mrs. Lock and The principals office.
The way I live My life ,I strive to be, for my children, a good example. An example for my daughters to look to when thy want to see the practicality in the way we look at life.
The attitude of an achiever
The never say die perseverance
The finding the silver lining in all things
The looking for the good ,in things and people
The example of love
After all I was cute and sweet enough to get kissed in the first grade.
Dern that Sue Ellen Arnold.

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