Monday, May 26, 2008

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning
On my site on myspace I have a line from a song written by John Prine ;If dreams were thunder --lightning was desire This old house would have burned down a long time ago. These words hit home to me and have a place in my being .It wasn't until last week A friend commented on it and I realized that he had totally lost the meaning and symbolism that make the words so special to me.So here is my interpretation or actually how I see the words.
I see a married couple ;who have struggled through life and have little to show for their efforts other than A deep love for each other.But if dreams were thunder---Oh the dreams they each had through the years,---Lightning was desire--the desire to succeed,the desire to travel the desire to raise their children right,the desire to be there for each other as they both grew old,Yes if these desires had been lightning the intensity would have surely burned the house down .And through out their lives everything comes full circle and they have the answer to their dreams and the fruits of their desire in each other. Dreams and desire are beginnings of what builds relationships and fortune's.

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