Monday, May 26, 2008

Change Course

A time to change course in my direction
By David Shriver
When I see defeat upon the horizon showing its ugly head My response that I have made a part of my physic Is to not quit, not retreat but change course in my direction all ways gravitating toward my goal.I was listening to Bob Seger last night and caught the significance of his song "running against the wind"To apply toward what has been going on with my life .It seems as though I have been running against the wind all my life It is just as we get older,It is a lot tougher.Some real guidelines for focusing on the prize I have found.
1. Defeat your fears with actions toward doing more of what you love.
2. Seek out a support network of people who will honor your integrity and who will believe in you.
3. Take a stand about something you believe in.
4. Create your own work around your passions.
5. Don't let external views get in the way.
6. Get creative about how to make a living doing what you love.
7. Downscale where possible to make the journey smoother.
8. Do something small in your passions each day.
9. Live with the intention that you will create work for yourself that is both fulfilling and meaningful.
10. Smile a lot, laugh a lot and be grateful for the life you have now.

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