Monday, May 26, 2008

A Different way around the Barn

Going A Different Way Around The Barn
By David Shriver
I had stopped in to visit an elderly couple ,who owned a 200 acre farm. In the conversation the possibility of them selling their farm came up ,where as the wife became very emotional and so I dropped the subject for another time. Upon leaving I mentioned possibly stopping in again in a couple days and It was agreed that it would be fine.
I spoke to a couple of my buyers about the possibility of this parcel coming on the market, and at the same time assuring them that It would take delicate handling as emotions were high .
In a couple days I called and set up an appointment to come back out and meet with the nice couple .Everything was going great until I mentioned a Listing agreement and the wife started crying and ran into the kitchen .The husband excused himself and went out to the kitchen to comfort his wife. After she had regained her composure they both came back out into the living room and were apologetic ,I assured them that it was completely understood as I realized the strong ties and memories associated with this two hundred acres. And I had an Idea; Lets not worry about a listing agreement, lets forgo that all together What we will do is write out a purchase agreement stating exactly what a buyer would have to do If they wanted to own this farm.
So I sat at the dining room table with them and they both helped me write out their dream purchase agreement and when we were through I calmly asked them to authorize the agreement on the bottom next to where it says seller. We dated it and I left with my signed purchase agreement telling them Now my work is cut out for me,for now I have to find a buyer. We closed in approximately eighteen days and everyone was happy.So I guess sometimes you do, have to go a different way around the barn.

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