Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Conquer the cold call dragon

I believe my Dad was the one who I can give the credit for this little bit of insight. If there is a portion of a job that you really do not like to do, That you are afraid of , and you become extremely proficient at that particular aspect, of the job you will excel .When I was starting out, in Real Estate, I had a real problem with cold calls, Ron Spencer, would open the telephone book, run his finger down the page and where it stopped was your cold call of the morning. This whole exercise ,let me tell you, struck terror in this farm boys heart. Nothing can bring about such immediate rejection, and such total humiliation in my eyes than calling someone you didn't know, and try to sell them something.
I am just so fortunate; that my broker and mentor strongly believed in sales training. The most important thing when I meet someone or first talk with them on the phone is to strive for them to like and trust me. Practice drill rehearse, remembering the good words and never using the wrong words. Asking questions to receive a positive response, leading to get the response we need to move ahead towards a close. Never push always lead, and always close.
I learned that cold calling is a numbers game ,every no, brings you one call closer to a yes. I finally found the key to self confidence when dealing with cold calling, and for me this simple truth is that no matter what, they can't hurt me. If I have something I truly believe in and try to help people find what I have found,” There is no such thing as failure only the opportunity to practice my performance, and perfect my presentation”( Tom Hopkins).

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